martes, 4 de junio de 2013

Turquía, otra "democracia"

Uno de los nuestros tiene una amiga en Turquía y ha recibido la carta que pegamos debajo, hay mucha info por la red que también facilitamos, ademas del vídeo de anonymous, desde aquí animar a cualquier acción de ayuda al pueblo turco y desear que la lucha sirva para cambiar las cosas.

Carta de la compañera:
 how are you dear? We are terrible, I'm writing this mail because I think that you should know how we are doing in here right now. 

4 days ago young people who live in Estambul, they protest in a natural park. Because government wants to destroy this park and they want to build a new shopping centre. So too many youngers protest this situation in this place. But suddenly fucking polices attacked them with panzers and tanks. They used really really disproportionate force. And when the Turkish people see that on social media.
 In just one day, all of the cities of Turkey protest this. And now this is civil resistance! Many young people dead, and police is going on to use disproportionate force. They nonstop using tear gas. This is the first time for Turkey, People fight with Police. 
Other hand our fucking facist government dont show anything about this fight on TV. And government blocked some websites like facebook, twitter etc. They want to blocked our communication with other cities. Because you can see this civil war just on facebook. So we are trying to share this with foreign friends to distribute all over the world. 
Unfortunately, terribly, one of my friends brother dead in this protest. I will send a youtube link you can see him. And I'm sending some photos to explain myself more. 

In this three days I'm wearing your Huelga shirt (proudly) and I'm going to protest. 

Por favor, Pray for us Dear. 


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